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May 4, 1903
Hospital Groundbreaking

In the early 1900s, the hospital experienced overcrowding. By 1902, statistics show an average of 145 patients a day although there were only 135 beds. The hospital board’s appeal to the Legislature for funds to expand the facility was granted. On May 4, 1903, ground was broken for the new hospital. However, to save money, the new building was located on the same site at Texas Avenue and Murphy Street. The old buildings were moved to a back lot and continued to be used.

Shreveport Charity Hospital
  June 1, 1904
New Shreveport Charity Hospital Opens

The third Shreveport Charity Hospital building was completed at a cost of $79,815 and opened its doors on June 1, 1904. The building was designed by architect Thomas Sully of New Orleans and A. Skoog served as the contractor. Dr. Randell Hunt served as chief surgeon and Dr. W.M. Ledbetter was assistant surgeon and superintendent. The new hospital housed 180 patients in six furnished wards. The modern three-story building contained an elevator, screened windows, and a telephone. The hospital remained at this location until 1953.

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Plaque commemorates the new Shreveport Charity Hospital
Commemorative Plaque

This cream marble plaque memorializes the government officials, hospital administrators, architect and builders who were responsible for establishing the new Shreveport Charity Hospital. Although the plaque shows the erection date as 1903, the hospital did not open until June 1, 1904. The plaque reads: W.W. Heard, Governor; Thos C. Barret, State Senator; Board of Administrators: Thos B. Chase, Pres; Wm. E. Hamilton; Michel Bernstein; T.G. Ford; J.M. Comegys; Randell Hunt, Chief Surgeon; Thomas Sully, Archt; A Skoog, Builder; J.F. Welch, Bldg. Supt.

This plaque is now located inside the Kings Highway entrance of the LSU Hospital.

Shreveport Hospital Staff in 1904
Staff of the New Shreveport Charity Hospital

This group photo, taken at the front entrance, shows the medical and nursing staff of the Shreveport Charity Hospital in the summer of 1904. Pictured are (front row) Miss Ruth Shepard; Miss Lois Greer; and Miss Bessie Shepherd; (2nd row) Dr. A.A. Herold, Sr., an intern; Miss Calhoun; Mrs. E. McAdams; Miss T. Richardson; Miss Mary Umbehagen; and Dr. P.T. Talbot; (back row) Dr. Frank Waits; Dr. J.Q. Graves; Dr. Randell Hunt, chief surgeon; Miss Ida Perry, head nurse; Dr. R.J. Mainegra; Dr. Orrin Clark; and Mike Bernstein, a board member.

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Nursing Class of 1904.
Shreveport Charity Hospital Nursing
School Established

A shortage of nurses in northwest Louisiana led to the establishment of a school of nursing at the Shreveport Charity Hospital in 1904. This program was successful, perhaps too successful. Fifty-two students were enrolled by 1926, and the number doubled by 1930. Due to a surplus of nurses, the class size was reduced to 80 students in 1932. This school continued educating nurses until 1951.

In this video clip, Dr. Joe Holoubek discusses the history of the nursing school at Shreveport Charity, while being interviewed by Dr. Leonard Goldman in 1979.