Class of 1973 graduates
Newly graduated M.D.s include F.P. Brinkman, III; T.D. Carey; D. Cooksey; M.D. Cox; O.M. Fletcher, III; H.J. Gauthier, Jr.; M.R. Gauthier; J.M. Geiger, Jr.; W.E. Haley; R.E. Harper; G.K. Harrison; T.M. Hart; G.M. Heroman; J.R. Holland; J.L. Janies; S.G. Jenkinson; R.C. Kamm; L.B. Kancher; D.W. Law; R.W. Little; J.C. McDonald; T.W. McElwee; D.J. Moller; P.K. Nabours; J.M. Reaux; C.J. Richard; J.V. Richardson; B.M. Rills; T.Y. Soileau; W.F. Washburne; and M.S. Wicks.
Program for the first commencement in 1973
This Shreveport Times article dated May 27, 1973 features Drs. Martha and Harold Gauthier, Jr., who were married three weeks before entering medical school together in 1969. Martha Gauthier was the only female student in this first graduating class.